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You are invited to join our 100+ Club to help raise funds for the 11th Rotherham Scout Group. The 100+ club is only open to families and friends of the Scout group.

Each number costs £12 per annum (or £1 each by standing order) for each number that you require and this entitles you to a chance of winning a monthly prize of 50% of the monthly income. The money must be paid in advance of the draw, standing orders by 5th of each month or annual payments.

Draws take place during the Beaver, Cub or Scout meetings, normally on the last Thursday of each month, the past winners and next draw date is shown below. The winner will be notified and asked to collect the prize soon after the meetings. The remaining 50% of the income will be used for activities at sectional meetings.

You will be issued with a Number on confirmation of your payment via email, text or letter (via your child, to save postage costs)

Sign up now! By completing the online form or print off your forms to hand to a leader


100+ Club Application Form (Word)               100+ Club Application Form (PDF)

100+ Club Annual Standing Order (Word)      100+Club Annual Standing Order form (PDF)

100+ Club Monthly Standing Order (Word)     100+Club Monthly Standing Order form (PDF)


 Check out the rules here

Previous winners:

Year 6 (Oct 2017 - Sept 2018)

Draw 1: October 2017 - Winning Number: 40, Winner Name: Mrs L Cocking

Draw 2: November 2017 - Winning Number: 12, Winner Name: J & P Cartlidge

Draw 3: December 2017 - Winning Number: 42, Winner Name: S Grier

Draw 4: January 2018 - Winning Number: 47, Winner Name: R & N Walker

Draw 5: February 2018 - Winning Number: 36, Winner Name: J Walden

Draw 6: March 2018 - Winning Number: 69 , Winner Name: Mrs L Cocking

Draw 7: April 2018 - Winning Number: 13, Winner Name: Mrs M Grainger

Draw 8: May 2018 - Winning Number: xx, Winner Name: 

Draw 9: June 2018 - Winning Number: xx, Winner Name: 

Draw 10: July 2018 - Winning Number: xx, Winner Name: 

Draw 11: August 2018 - Winning Number: xx, Winner Name: 

Draw 12: September 2018 - Winning Number: xx, Winner Name: